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Ayesa to update the economic-financial and payroll management models of the Government of Ecuador

AYESA, together with IECISA, has won the international tender for the implementation and establishment of the Integrated Public Finance System of the Government of Ecuador. The project, which has partial financing from the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB), includes both the software products and the services necessary for its implementation.

The project will cover the requirements established by the Government of Ecuador, which included, among other things, providing an integrated solution for the entire government of the main areas of public management: budget formulation and execution, financial accounting, cashflow management, goods and stocks and payroll.

The winning bid from Ayesa is based on a Public Sector solution developed on a SAP platform that it has already implemented successfully, both in public administrations in Spain and other Latin American countries.

With a two-year period of implementation, the project will be in full operation in January 2019, although some features will be available a few months before.