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The National Authority for Government Innovation in Panama Engages Ayesa’s Services to Become a Geospatial Hub

Panama is looking to consolidate its position as a Geospatial Hub, a national platform from which the National Authority for Government Innovation will offer geographic services (such as maps, geodata, geoprocessing, geostreaming, etc.) for decision-making in sectors such as agriculture, education, land traffic and transport, health, hygiene, tourism, and the environment.

In order to do so, Ayesa has been contracted to implement an interdepartmental platform which enables geospatial information produced by different governmental institutions to be catalogued, published, exchanged, and re-used. The contract, which is worth almost $250,000, has a completion period of 10 months. The Geospatial Hub provides a technical, interoperational platform which integrates all geographical data produced by different providers and institutions, with the aim of supplying added-value services as well as improving and optimising business processes both internally and with the public.

The Geospatial Hub combines open source technologies with the business solution provided by the software manufacturer GIS ESRI Inc. The aim is to build a platform which integrates all state institutions in a quick and straightforward manner, which will considerably decrease the need for human input and require less equipment.